Book - FindReference Method

Searches through the objects stored in the RelatedReference property of an item

Member of Book (PRIM_BOOK)


Name Type Data Type Description
Result *Result (Optional) PRIM_BOOK.BookItem Reference to the item containing the reference
RelatedReference *Input PRIM_OBJT Object instance to search for
StartItem *Input (Optional) PRIM_BOOK.BookItem Item at which to start the search


The FindReference method searches for the object specified in the RelatedReference parameter in the RelatedReference property of the Book items.
FindReference processing will stop when an item is returned or no item is found.


In this example the found items are given a style to highlight them.
Mthroutine Name(Find)
Define_Map For(*Input) Class(#Prim_objt) Name(#Object) Pass(*By_Reference)
   Define_Com Class(#prim_Book.BookItem) Name(#FoundItem) Reference(*Dynamic)
         #FoundItem <= #Book.FindReference( #Object #FoundItem )
         Leave If(#FoundItem *Is *Null)
         #FoundItem.Style <= #MyStyles&ltHighlight>

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