Pie Chart Value - ThemeDrawStyle Property

Controls the colors to use when displaying this value in the chart

Member of Pie Chart Value (PRIM_CHRT.PieChartValue)

Data Type - Unicode String


Controls the colors of the segments of the pie chart.
The ThemeDrawStyle property is the name of the DrawStyle to be applied to the control.
ThemeDrawStyle uses simple name matching to determine the appearance of the control. If the name specified cannot be found at run time, the control will revert to its fallback appearance defined by the Theme applied to the WebPage or Form. As the name is softcoded, a change of Theme at application level can result in a completely different appearance.
There are a number of prefined DrawStyle names that automatically exist at runtime to match certain controls and features e.g. PushButton, ListItem, ListColumn and Edit etc.
Refer to the DrawStyle Name property for further information.
The ThemeDrawStyle property is typically managed by the IDE designer.

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