Combo Box - AutoCompleting Event

Fired as a value is being edited allowing for a replacement value to be returned

Member of Combo Box (PRIM_CMBX)


Name Type Data Type Description
Value *Both Unicode String Current value of the field and the replacement value to return


The AutoCompleting event provides an opportunity for the value to be completed as the user types.
The value entered is passed in to the event via the Value parameter.  The value can then be modified and returned to the edit.
Selection of characters within the edit is managed automatically.


In this example, the SURNAME field is being completed by looking up the first record with a partial match for the value entered.
If no value is found the value entered by the user will be used.
Function Options(*DIRECT)
Begin_Com Role(*EXTENDS #PRIM_FORM) Height(284) Left(196) Top(211) Width(549) Clientwidth(533) Clientheight(245)
   Define_Com Class(#SURNAME.Visual) Name(#Surname) Displayposition(1) Left(21) Parent(#COM_OWNER) Tabposition(1) Top(15)
   Evtroutine Handling(#Surname.AutoCompleting) Value(#Value)
      Select Fields(#Surname) From_File(pslmst2) With_Key(#Value) Generic(*yes)
         #Value := #Surname

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LANSA Version 15, April 2020