Container - ComponentControls Property

ComponentControls is a collection of all the controls contained in this component.

Member of Container (PRIM_CPST)

Data Type - Collection ofPRIM_CTRL - Base class for all visual controls


The ComponentControls property provides runtime access to all controls parented to the composite.
Programmatic access to the controls contained in a component allows for simplified automated processing.


Thie example shows a FOR loop iterating over the controls.  If the control is label, the caption is tested.
For Each(#Control) In(#Com_owner.ComponentControls)
   Continue If(#Control *IsNot #Prim_labl)
   If ((#Control *As #prim_labl).Caption.contains( #Search ))
      #Control.Style <= #Highlight

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Technical Reference

LANSA Version 15, April 2020