Control - TabPosition Property

TabPosition sets the order of focus when the Tab key is used

Member of Control (PRIM_CTRL)

Data Type - Integer


TabPosition controls the order in which this component gets the focus when the user presses the TAB key.
The control with a TabPosition of 1 will receive the focus when the application is first executed.
Subsequent use of the Tab key or Shift+Tab will move focus forwards and backwards in the Tab sequence until the end is reached at which point it will start again.
TabPositions are assigned automatically.
Some controls, such as Popup Menus and Toolbar Buttons do not take focus. Similarly, controls that are disabled or invisible will not take focus.
Controls that are behind another control but still enabled and visible will take the focus.
The TabStop property can be set to False to stop a control taking focus
Note, Panels default to Focus(True). The result is that a reusable part will often take focus unnecessarily.

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