DateTime Picker - CustomDateFormat Property

Show the date using a custom format

Member of DateTime Picker (PRIM_DTIM)

Data Type - String


The CustomDateFormat property is used to format the date using the supplied formatting strings.
Each portion of the custom definition is evaluated independently and then concatenated to produce the output.

Date Format

Enum Value Description
Y Short year with suppressed leading zero e.g. 4
YY Short year e.g. 04
YYY Long year e.g. 2004
M Short month with suppressed leading zero e.g. 4
MM Short month e.g. 04
MMM Long month e.g. April
D Short date with suppressed leading zero e.g. 4
DD Short date e.g. 04
DDD Abbreviated date name e.g. Wed
DDDD Long date name e.g. Wednesday


A format of "DDDD, D MMM YYYY" would produce the output "Wednesday, 7 Nov 2012"

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