Multi-line Edit Box - PrompterAccept Event

Fired when a value is selected in a prompter

Member of Multi-line Edit Box (PRIM_EVEM)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
Form*InputPRIM_FORMReference to the prompter form
ApplyValue*BothBooleanSet to false to stop the prompter value being applied
FocusAction*BothEnumerationDefines where focus should be placed
ReshowPrompter*BothBooleanSet to true to show the prompter again


The PrompterAccept event is fired when a value is selected in a prompter form.
PrompterAccept provides control over how the application will respond to the selection of a value.


In this example, when the prompter value is accepted, Focus is pushed to the next field in the tab sequence.
Evtroutine Handling(#CustomerID.PrompterAccept) Focusaction(#FocusAction)
   #FocusAction := Tab

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