Grid Item - SetValueAt Method

Set the value at the specified position

Member of Grid Item (PRIM_GDIT)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
Result*Result (Optional)BooleanTrue if the value was applied
Column*InputIntegerColumn in which to apply the value
Value*InputVariantValue to apply


SetValueAt can be used to update a value in a list cell.
This allows a value to be set without needing to use LANSA list commands such as UPD_ENTRY, and without needing to know the fields being used as the source of a column.
The entry must exist in the list before it can updated. If it doesn't, SetValueAt will return a False.


This example adds an entry to the list and uses SetValueAt to apply a value to the a cell.
Add_Entry to_list(#List)
#List.CurrentItem.SetValueAt( #Row #Value ))

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