List Collection - Concatenate Method

Combine two collections to create a new collection

Member of List Collection (PRIM_LCOL)


Name Type Data Type Description
Result *Result (Optional) PRIM_LCOL Reference to a collection containing all items
OtherList *Input PRIM_LCOL Reference to another list collection to be joined to this collection


The Concatenate method creates a new collection by combining the items in two collections: the collection against which you are executing the method and the collection that was supplied in the OtherList parameter.
All collections must be defined to collect the same object type.


In this example, both collections collect controls
Define_Com Class(#Prim_lcol<#Prim_Ctrl>) Name(#Buttons)
Define_Com Class(#Prim_lcol<#Prim_Ctrl>) Name(#Panels)
Define_Com Class(#Prim_lcol<#Prim_Ctrl>) Name(#Controls) Reference(*Dynamic)
#Controls <= #Buttons.Concatenate( #Panels )

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