List Collection - IsEqual Event

Fired whenever the collection needs to compare two items

Member of List Collection (PRIM_LCOL)


Name Type Data Type Description
Object *Input PRIM_OBJT Instance to compare
Subject *Input PRIM_OBJT Instance to compare
Equal *Both Boolean Return True if the two instances are considered equal


The IsEqual event is fired whenever the collection needs to determine if two components are equal.
This is typically handled automatically when performing actions that require searching such as Remove.  The event allows you to determine whether the object being tested is the object being searched for.
This feature is provide for completeness and is unlikely to be required for most development purposes.


The source and object parameters contain the two instances to compare.
Here the name property of the two "Customer" objects is being tested.
Evtroutine Handling(#Collection.IsEqual) Subject(#Subject) Object(#Object) Equal(#Equal)
   #Equal := #Subject.CustomerName.Uppercase = #Object.CustomerName.Uppercase

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LANSA Version 15, April 2020