Fixed Character Intrinsic Functions - AsFixedChar Method

Return as a fixed length string

Member of Fixed Character Intrinsic Functions (PRIM_LIBI.IFixedCharIntrinsics)


Name Type Data Type Description
Result *Result (Optional) String Resulting string


Alphanumeric fields only.
AsFixedChar returns a result of the same length as the definition of the subject of the intrinsic function rather than the length of the contents. Thus, when referring to a field of length 10, AsFixedChar will always return a value of 10 bytes regardless of the number of characters the field value contains.


#FullName := #GiveName.AsFixedChar + #Surname
In this example, where Givename is an alpha 20 containing the value "Veronica", and Surname contains "Brown" the result would be "Veronica            Brown".

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