Unicode Intrinsic Functions - LeftTrim Method

Trim characters from the left of the string

Member of Unicode Intrinsic Functions (PRIM_LIBI.IUnicodeIntrinsics)


Name Type Data Type Description
Result *Result (Optional) Unicode String Resulting string
OfText *Input (Optional) Unicode String Characters to be trimmed


LeftTrim can be used to remove leading blanks, or other characters, from a string.
The OfText parameter can contain more than one character.


In this example, if #String contained "   ABCDE", the result would be "ABCDE"
#Com_owner.Caption := #String.LeftTrim
In this example, if #String contained AAA the result would be "A". After the first AA has been removed from the string, only a single A remains that does not match the OfText parameter value.
#Com_owner.Caption := #String.LeftTrim( AA )

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