Dropdown Item - RelatedReference Property

Reference to an object instance to be stored for this item

Member of Dropdown Item (PRIM_MD.DropdownItem)

Data Type - PRIM_OBJT - Base object, use it as the ancestor of components which are not visualized


Lists typically have a simple correlation between the visible item and some kind of underlying data object e.g. A list of customers, employees or orders.
Rather than relying on the field values in the list to manage the related data, or using a dictionary collection to store the link between the list item and a data object, RelatedReference provides a convenient, generic storage point that joins the list item to its data object.


In the AddEmployee routine, a data object is stored against a list item.
In ItemGotFocus event, the RelatedReference is retrieved and used to populate a detailer of some sort.
Mthroutine Name(AddEmployee)
Define_Map For(*Input) Class(#DataEmployee) Name(#Employee) Pass(*By_Reference)
   Add_entry To_list(#List)
   #DropDown.Currentitem.RelatedReference <= #Employee
Evtroutine Handling(#List.ItemGotFocus)
   #Detailer.ShowEmployee((#DropDown.CurrentItem.RelatedReference *as #DataEmployee))

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