DropDown - AutoSuggest Event

Fired when the value is changed after a short delay

Member of DropDown (PRIM_MD.Dropdown)


The AutoSuggest event is fired when the value is being edited, allowing for suggested values to be offered to the user.
The event fires when the user stops typing rather than on every key stroke.


In this example, when a value is entered, 10 sequential items are added to the dropdown.
Begin_Com Role(*EXTENDS #PRIM_WEB) Height(408) Width(809)
   Define_Com Class(#PRIM_MD.Dropdown) Name(#DropDown) DisplayPosition(1) Label('DropDown') Left(35) Parent(#COM_OWNER) TabPosition(1) Top(16) PromptOnly(False) Width(254) PromptPosition(Bottom)
   Evtroutine Handling(#DropDown.AutoSuggest)
      Begin_Loop To(10)
         #DropDown.Items.Add( ("&1 &2").Substitute( #DropDown.Value (#DropDown.Items.ItemCount + 1).AsString ) )

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Technical Reference

LANSA Version 15, April 2020