PRIM_PDF.AutoTableRow - addImageCell Method

Adds an image cell to the table row

Member of PRIM_PDF.AutoTableRow (PRIM_PDF.AutoTableRow)


Name Type Data Type Description
Bitmap *Input PRIM_BMP Image to add to the cell
ImageFileFormat *Input Enumeration Image file format
Width *Input Float Width of the image
Height *Input Float Height of the image
ImageCompression *Input (Optional) Enumeration Compression of the generated JPEG
Rotation *Input (Optional) Integer Rotation of the image in degrees (0-359)
HAlign *Input (Optional) Enumeration Horizontal alignment of image
VAlign *Input (Optional) Enumeration Vertical alignment of image
FillColor *Input (Optional) Color Background color


Adds an image cell to an AutoTable row.


Add an image cell to AutoTable row
Define_Com Class(#PRIM_PDF.AutoTable) Name(#Table) Reference(*DYNAMIC) Theme(Striped) Columncount(1)
Define_Com Class(#PRIM_PDF.AutoTableRow) Name(#Row) Reference(*DYNAMIC)
Define_Com Class(#PRIM_BMP) Name(#myBitmap) Reference(*DYNAMIC)
* Create row
#Row <= #Table.CreateRow
* Add image
#myBitmap <= #Sys_Appln.CreateBitmap( '/myPath/myImage.jpg' )
#Row.addImageCell Bitmap(#myBitmap) Imagefileformat(jpg) Width(5) Height(5)
* Add row to table
#Table.AddRow Row(#Row)

ImageFileFormat Allowed Values

Enum Value Description
bmp Bitmap
gif Graphic Interchange Format
png Portable Network Graphics
jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group Standard

ImageCompression Allowed Values

Enum Value Description
None No compression
Fast Fast compression
Medium Medium compression
Slow Slow and maximum compression

HAlign Allowed Values

Enum Value Description
Left Left aligned
Right Right aligned
Center Centered

VAlign Allowed Values

Enum Value Description
Top Top aligned
Middle Middle aligned
Bottom Bottom aligned

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LANSA Version 15, April 2020