PRIM_PDF - roundedRect Method

Adds a rectangle with rounded corners to the PDF document



Name Type Data Type Description
Left *Input Float Starting X coordinate against left edge of the page
Top *Input Float Starting Y coordinate against upper edge of the page
Width *Input Float Width of rectangle
Height *Input Float Height of rectangle
RadiusX *Input Float Radius along X axis
RadiusY *Input Float Radius along Y axis
FillStyle *Input (Optional) Enumeration Painting style


Adds a rectangle with rounded corners to PDF.


Add a rectangle with rounded corners.
Define_Com Class(#PRIM_PDF) Name(#pdf) Unitm(mm) Pageformat(A4) Pageorientation(Portrait)
#pdf.setDrawColor Color(Theme500)
#pdf.setFillColor Color(Theme500)
#pdf.roundedRect Left(10) Top(10) Width(50) Height(30) RadiusX(0.5) RadiusX(0.5) FillStyle(Fill) Filename('myReport.pdf')

FillStyle Allowed Values

Enum Value Description
Stroke No fill color
Fill Fill with current set FillColor
FillAndStroke Fill with current set FillColor and then stroke
Delay Postpones setting the style so that a shape may be composed using multiple method calls

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Technical Reference

LANSA Version 15, April 2020