Popup - Prepare Event

Popup is about to be shown

Member of Popup (PRIM_PPNL)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
Context*InputPRIM_OBJTReference to the control associated with the popup being shown
Left*BothIntegerHorizontal position the popup will shown
Top*BothIntegerVertical position the popup will shown
Width*BothIntegerWidth of the popup in pixels
Height*BothIntegerHeight of the popup in pixels
Transition*BothEnumerationName of the animation to use when showing the popup
Continue*BothBooleanSet to false to stop the popup appearing


The Prepare event is fired whenever the popup is about to be shown.
This provides an opportunity to configure the appearance and position at the time of showing rather than having to control it as the application is used.
When used as HintPopup or MenuPopup the popup will appear at the cursor location.


This example show a popup's default position being move down and to the right by 10 pixels.
Evtroutine Handling(#Popup.Prepare) Top(#Top) Left(#Left)
   #Top #Left += 10

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