Theme - ThemeErrorDarkColor Property

One of a set of complementary predefined base theme error colors

Member of Theme (PRIM_THM)

Data Type - Color


The ThemeErrorDarkColor property is a color on the Theme color palette.
Each predefined LANSA theme provides a number of different colors used by default throughout a themed application.  The individual colors are part of a complementary set picked from the Google Material Design color swatches.
It is recommended that the default colors are left as is. However, if a new color scheme is chosen, all colors in the theme should be modified to follow the same light to dark pattern. This will ensure the best automatic use of the new palette.
The only possible exceptions to this are the more specific colors such as ThemeTextColor and ThemeBorderColor which can be modified to affect the whole of the application.

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LANSA Version 15, April 2020