Tile - Design Property

Name of the reusable part to be used to create a new design instance

Member of Tile (PRIM_TILE)

Data Type - PRIM_OBJT - Base object, use it as the ancestor of components which are not visualized


The Design property defines the base class for all design reusable parts for the Tile.
The reusable part specified must implement the Prim_Tile.iTileDesign interface which allows the Tile to intereact with the resuable part instances.


The name specified in the Design property will be used as a parameterized type on the definition of the Tile.
Here a resuable part called MyTileDesign has been used.
 Define_Com Class(#Prim_Tile<#MyTileDesign>) Name(#Tile)

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Technical Reference

LANSA Version 15, April 2020