Style - BorderColor Property

BorderColor sets the color of grid borders

Member of Style (PRIM_VS.Style)

Data Type - Color


The BorderColor is the color to be applied to the borders of the control.
Background features of a Style are not inherited by child controls. This ensures that a background applied to a parent is not repeated verbatim on child controls.
If both a BorderColor and BorderBrush are specified on the same style, the BorderBrush will take precedence.

Theme Color Names

Theme color names represent a set of predefined complementary shades. There are many predefined Themes.

Allowed Values

Description Enum Values
Colors Theme50, Theme100, Theme200, Theme300, Theme400, Theme500, Theme600, Theme700, Theme800, Theme900, ThemeDisabled, ThemeInactive
Accent Colors ThemeA100, ThemeA200, Theme400, ThemeA700

Allowed Colors

Enum Value Sample Description
Aqua RGB - 0:255:255
Black RGB - 0:0:0
Blue RGB - 0:0:255
Brown RGB - 128:64:0
Gray RGB - 128:128:128
Green RGB - 0:128:0
Fuchsia RGB - 255:0:255
Lime RGB - 0:255:0
Maroon RGB - 128:0:0
Navy RGB - 0:0:128
Olive RGB - 128:128:0
Purple RGB - 128:0:128
Red RGB - 255:0:0
Silver RGB - 192:192:192
Teal RGB - 0:128:128
White RGB - 255:255:255
Yellow RGB - 255:255:0

RGB Colors

RGB colors should be entered in the format [0-255]:[0-255]:[0-255]

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