Web Application - URLParameters Property

Collection of URL parameters derived from the URL QueryString

Member of Web Application (PRIM_WEB.Application)

Data Type - PRIM_WEB.URLParameters - Collection of URL parameters


The URLParameters property provide access to the QueryString portion of the URL.
The QueryString is the set of name/value pairs after the question mark used to provide additional information, typically for deeplinking and programmatic processing of the URL after the page load.
The URLParameters property expects the QueryString to be formatted as follows: Name=Value&Name=Value/..etc., with an & between each name and value pair.


In this example, the query string is inspected for a particular parameter.
Evtroutine Handling(#sys_web.urlchanged)
   For Each(#Parameter) In(#sys_web.urlparameters)
      Continue If(#Parameter.Name.upperCase <> Employee)
      #Com_owner.LoadEmployee( #Parameter.value )

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