Web Page - OnCloseAction Property

Determines the route’s OnCloseAction depending on the routing framework attempt

Member of Web Page (PRIM_WEB)


The OnCloseAction property determines the route’s OnCloseAction depending on the routing framework attempt.
It supports four values: *SQLNULL, DropInstance, KeepInstance, and KeepRealized. The default value is *SQLNULL. The DropInstance value resets the reference to the view being closed. It means that a new instance will be created the next time this route is activated. 

The KeepInstance value retains the component instance but it does not keep the instance realized.

The KeepRealized value keeps the component instance in its realized state.

When the routing framework attempts to resolve a route’s OnCloseAction, *SQLNULL indicates that the OnCloseAction property of the route’s parent should be used. When the top of the tree is reached, DropInstance is used.

When this property is changed after the associated view is closed, the selected OnCloseAction is applied to the component instance.

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