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10.1 Visual LANSA Application Objects

These are the Application Object's which Visual LANSA makes available. They are a selection of primitives where a runtime instance of the primitive is programmatically available to use in your application. These instances are identified with a SYS_ prefix and include:

  • SYS_WEB is an instance of PRIM_WEB
  • Refer to 11. Using SYS_WEB to access Browser and JavaScript Features

  • SYS_APPLN is an instance of PRIM_APPL
  • Refer to 11.9 Routing Path Parameters

  • SYS_MSGQ is an instance of PRIM_MSGQ
  • Refer to 13. Processing Messages (SYS_MSGQ)

  • SYS_THEME is an instance PRIM_THM.SystemThemes
  • The SYS_THEME is typically only used in the BEGIN_COM of a Web Page or Theme to nominate the base theme to be applied. Refer to 5.1 Themes for more information.