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12.3 Check for Inactivity in Session

The Idle and IdleEnd events are used to determine if the web page has had not activity. The Idle timer event is fired every five seconds when there is no user input from the keyboard or mouse. An IdleEnd event is fired if processing is already in Idle state and there is keyboard or mouse input.

These events can be used to force signoff of an inactive session.


* Idle timer fires once every 5 seconds of inactivity

Evtroutine Handling(#Sys_Appln.Idle) Seconds(#Seconds)


* If no data entry for 15 seconds

If ((#Seconds = 15) *And (*Not #TimedOut))


  #TimedOut := True






* User input detected

Evtroutine Handling(#Sys_Appln.IdleEnd)


#TimedOut := False