6.4.1 Views with Routing

When creating a new Web Page, you can select the Views with Routing option to create a Web Page and Web Views with routing features for application navigation.

To select Views with Routing option:

1. Go to LANSA IDE Home page..

2. Select Build a Mobile Application Template.

3. Click on Left Navigation and check this option.

The Views with Routing dialog appears with the Router initialized with a couple of routes.

When you run this template, the following Web Page is generated with its navigation.

The Build a Mobile Web Application template generates the following RDMLX code:

Visual LANSA Web View is associated with a route component. This route component identifies the Web view class that populates the View Container when the path of the associated route is requested.

The Access property of #PRIM_WEB.Route class flags protected routes. Visual LANSA does not apply meaning to protected routes.

The application code is responsible for the appropriate actions to ensure route integrity. Usually, it requires to Sign In to the route if the user is not signed in at the time the route is accessed.