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14. Widgets and 3rd Party Integration

The internet is awash with JavaScript libraries providing a dizzying array of feature choices when it comes to developing web based applications. There are literally thousands of vendors selling specialized controls for rich text, graphs, and maps etc.

Visual LANSA allows integration of external features so that applications written in LANSA can make the best possible use of the most appropriate tools when required.

Widgets are user defined features typically implementing a 3rd party control, for example Google Maps. A Widget is similar in concept to the definition of an ActiveX control for Windows.

In addition to Widgets, Visual LANSA provides some specialized controls and other features to allow utilization of 3rd party code and features. To fully utilize the power of Widgets and 3rd Party features you may need to have some HTML, JavaScript or other web based language skills.

The following topics explain how to do it:

14.1 Widgets

14.2 Embed HTML

14.3 Embed Web Pages as iFrames

14.4 Embed Fonts

14.5 Embed a Reusable Part in a 3rd Party Web Page

14.6 LANSA Mobile Application Widgets