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14.2 Embed HTML

The HTML container control allows raw HTML to be embedded in a page if there is a particular feature of HTML that you can't emulate easily in LANSA.

Similar to a Control Widget, adding an HTML Container on a Web Page or Reusable Part will result in a DIV element in the generated HTML. Like other LANSA Controls, an HTML Container can be resized and positioned by layout managers as appropriate. Any HTML you then provide will be encapsulated in this DIV.

Including an HTML Container requires the drag and drop of the HTML Container Control (#PRIM_WEB.HTMLContainer) from the Controls view onto a Web Page or Reusable Part.

Define_Com Class(#PRIM_WEB.HtmlContainer) Name(#Html1) Parent(#COM_OWNER)


Evtroutine Handling(#Com_owner.Initialize)


  #Html1.html := '<h1>My heading</h1>'