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14.6 LANSA Mobile Application Widgets

The LANSA Mobile Application (LMA) hosts web pages created with Visual LANSA. When a web page is run from the LMA, the LMA widgets may be used to interact with the device's features and to transfer files between the device and a server. The complete list of tasks that can be performed using the LMA widgets is:

The term local file system refers to the LMA's logical file system and does not refer to the operating system's physical file system. The LMA widgets can only access files that reside within the LMA's logical file system. All file paths specified will be relative to the root location in the LANSA Mobile Application's logical file system.

LongReach is required to upload and download files to/from a server system. LongReach is available for IBM i and Windows servers. Refer to Secure Mobile File Managementfor further information.