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21.2 Expected Runtime Library is not available

If you get this message in your browser when attempting to load a Web Page:

The most probable cause it that your Web Page is attempting access a VL Web Runtime library (lansa.js) but this is not installed or the correct version is not installed.

1.  Start by checking the runtime associated with your Web Page. Locate the .html file in the \X_LANSA\<partition>\web\vl directory. Open the file in a text editor and check the LANSA Runtime nominated in the <script> tag. Something like:

     <script src="/%{lansa_webalias}%/lansa_14_1_0_0/lansa.js"></script>

2.  Now, navigate to the LANSA runtime directory \X_LANSA\web\vl and check if a directory exists matching this value. If no corresponding directory is found this is indeed your problem.
To solve this, either recompile the Web Page to use the current runtime or investigate why the expected runtime is not available on your system.