20.8.2 Using a Server Side script for sending email

There are lots of options for sending email from the application server.

For example, you can use a simple command line program like mailsend (this is not supplied with LANSA but can be downloaded from the web) to send an email using the SMTP protocol.

Alternately there are options using scripting engines like PHP and PERL CGI.


  • You need to locate a tool to facilitate sending the email from the server side and may need to configure the server to support this.
  • You may, depending on your selected solution, also need to know a little bit of programming.
  • Advantages

  • If the user does not have a default email program set up on their pc they will still be able to send emails.
  • There is greater security on the server side and spam bots have no way of snooping on your email and server information.
  • There is greater protection from viruses, even accidental viruses.