The LSIIMPORT command imports a LANSA installation save file into the LANSA system and partition nominated.

Only import files provided by LANSA can be imported using this command. Any other imports required should using the standard LANSA IMPORT command.

Note: The LANSA for i installation (LSIINSTALL) does NOT import any save files. Any imports supplied by LANSA that you require to be applied to your LANSA installation must be individually imported using the LSIIMPORT command.

To web enable a partition import the save file LWEBSF into the partition to be enabled.

System variables and templates are system level objects so the related imports can be applied to any partition.



 LSIIMPORT -------- PGMLIB ---------- library name ----------------> 


               >--- PARTITION ------- partition id ----------------> 


               >--- IMPFILE  -------- save file -------------------| 




Enter the program library associated with the LANSA system to import into.


The partition to import into.


The name of the save file to import from the installation DVD. For a list of the save files supplied on the DVD, refer to Imports with the LANSA IBM i Software in the Install and Upgrade LANSA on IBM i Guide.