6.56 LceSetCommsCursor

The Windows hourglass cursor is used with most Windows products to indicate that communication between the client and server is in progress. This function allows you to vary the type of cursor or to have no cursor at all.




iCursorType )




The Cursor type to use. Refer to the notes for the cursor types available.


Return Values

TRUE is returned if the function is successful.

FALSE is returned if an incorrect cursor type was specified.


The available cursor types are:


The standard LANSA Open cursor. This is LANSA Open's default communications cursor.


The standard hourglass cursor which could be used when LANSA Open is used with a product, such as a spreadsheet, which may use this cursor.


No cursor will be set when communications is in progress. If the calling application does not set the cursor itself, then the standard Windows pointer will remain displayed.


Make sure that the most frequently used cursor type is set in the System Registry as described in Communication and Session Parameters in the Installing LANSA on Windows Guide.