6.72 LceUseFunction

Instructs the session to use the function name specified for transaction stamping.







 char far *

strValue )




The session identifier as returned by LceGetSessionId.


The function's name. The length of this name should not exceed FUNCTION_LENGTH as defined in the LCOE.H header file.


Return Values

TRUE is returned if the session can accept the value.

FALSE is returned if an error occurs.


When a record in a file is changed, LANSA can maintain a "stamped" audit trail.  A number of attributes, including date and time, can be automatically "stamped" in specified fields in the file.

If the field stamping attribute has been set to "FUNC" (i.e. insert function name) in the Repository, the value in strValue will be used when stamping the function. If this function is not used, the default value "LCOE" is inserted.

For more information about LANSA's field stamping attributes, refer to the section: Input Options when Creating a New Field in the LANSA for i User Guide.

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