1.2 The LANSA Repository

The LANSA Repository provides significant advantages to client/server applications because it centralizes the information about the fields and files which make up the application's database. By centralizing information such as business rules, field descriptions and help text in the LANSA Repository, application development time is reduced. An application accessing data known to the Repository can be executed on the server or on a client PC. The same set of rules apply.

If you are using LANSA Open to create a client/server extension to an existing LANSA or non-LANSA application, check the LANSA Repository features before upgrading the existing application and its files. The LANSA Repository's facilities may reduce or even eliminate many changes which, at first, appear to be necessary.

Virtual fields are just one example of using the LANSA Repository to extend your existing application without changing your files. Using virtual fields, your dates can be presented to applications in formats such as DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY, while they are stored in YYYYMMDD format.

Some LANSA Repository features that you can use to enhance your existing applications: