LANSA for i Install/Upgrade Data Areas

The data areas used by this upgrade are a subset of the LANSA data areas described in the LANSA Technical Reference Guide.

The values in these data areas are inserted during the initial IBM i LANSA install. No changes are made to these areas when equivalent changes are made to the LANSA objects for which the values are stored. If, for example, the library names are changed after you have installed LANSA, the information displayed will not refer to the new names unless it is manually changed in these data areas.

Should you wish to change the parameters displayed in the summary screens of the Upgrade process, you will do so by changing the value in the relevant data area.

Great care should be taken when updating the data area details.


The maintenance of the LANSA system data areas should be assigned to the LANSA System Administrator, as one of the LANSA System Administrator's tasks is to review and maintain the system defaults to ensure that they are appropriate.

The data areas used by the IBM i Install/upgrade process are: