Select LANSA Components

The LANSA Components that can be upgraded depend on what has already been installed. These can be:

You may select only one LANSA for i system to upgrade. To upgrade another LANSA for i system, you must execute the upgrade again.

If you attempt to upgrade an old system with a later upgrade not supported by this install, then the upgrade will not allow you to continue. You will need to refer to the correct upgrade path.

When upgrading a LANSA for i system, you may also upgrade any combination of LANSA for i, LANSA Integrator - provided they are listed.

If you are using a Multi-tier Web installation, you must only upgrade the LANSA Web Server by itself.

If LANSA Integrator was originally installed at the same time as LANSA was installed, LANSA Integrator will automatically be selected for upgrade.

Note: When LANSA Integrator or a Web Server are selected alone, Partition Initialization will be bypassed as it is not required.

After completing your selections, press Enter to continue.

Error messages will be displayed if:

The screen Partition Initialization will list the default partition.


You can create more partitions using the F6 command key and entering the following details:

Partition Identifier

Specify the identifier/mnemonic to be assigned to the new partition. Must be three characters long and consist of characters in the range A to Z, 0 to 9, @ (at sign), # (hash sign), and/or $ (dollar). No two partitions can have the same identifier.

Partition Description

The description cannot be blank.

Module Library

The name of the library in which the compiled RDML/RDMLX programs associated with this new partition are to be kept. This library must not be the same as the Module Library used by other partitions. It must not exist as it will be created by the initialization process. Once specified, this name can only be changed using LANSA's Housekeeping facility.

Default File Library

The name of the library for the files in this partition. The library must not exist as it will be created during the initialization process. Once specified, this name can only be changed using LANSA's Housekeeping facility. If left blank, the default will be the Module Library.

From Partition

Copy details for the new partition from this partition. If the partition is multilingual, the multilingual details will be copied to the new partition. This partition must already exist.

Enable For RDMLX

Allowable values are:
YES – partition is RDMLX-enabled.
NO - partition is not RDMLX-enabled.

When you press Enter, you will be presented with the Create Partition screen again to enter another partition. Press F12 or F3 to continue.

To review the options that are available by default for each partition, enter Y beside the partition. In the options list, select or deselect options as required.