Upgrade Failure

If you do not see the message:
All selected LANSA components have successfully installed****
refer to the job log to determine the reason for the upgrade's failure.

When reading the job log, always read it backwards from the end. If you read it from the beginning, you cannot assume that the first error you see is the cause of the problem.

For instance, most job logs will contain a very early escape message reporting:
PROGRAM MESSAGE QUEUE QCL NOT FOUND. If you read the job log forwards and stop at this apparently fatal/severe message you will miss the actual error that caused the upgrade to fail. This error is reported when the upgrade software tests which IBM command requester program is controlling it, QCL or QCMD. It is not fatal and does not indicate any type of problem with the upgrade.

Restarting an Upgrade

Under no circumstances should you restart the upgrade without first checking the job log for messages that clearly indicate whether you can restart it or not. You must follow the recovery/restart procedures that are printed at the end of the upgrade job log.