LANSA Web Server

Q. How can I test if I have a problem with my Web Server configuration?

A. You can try three different tests:

Test 1. Using a browser, enter the IP or domain name for your Web Server. You should receive a default index page or home page specified for the Web Server. If you do not receive this page, you must review the Web Server configuration.

Test 2. Use the LANSA Web Administrator and use the Maintain System option to put the system on hold. If you get the hold message displayed when you try to access your application, then the Web Server configuration is working. (This test does not mean that your LANSA application is working properly.)

Test 3. Enter the URL for your Web site up to LANSAWEB? For example, you might enter:

If the configuration is working properly, it will find the LANSAWEB CGI program and you should receive this message: "JOB HAS ALREADY TIMED OUT".

Q. Where do I look for details about problems using IBM i?

A. If you work with the active jobs (WRKACTJOB), view the job logs for the LWEB_JOBS jobs to see if there are any errors stated in the log.

Also, work with the jobs and check that the library list is correct. The jobs must contain the LANSA libraries in order to execute properly.

The LWEB_JOBS will run as your Default User. Be sure to check the associated library list.

Q. How do I restart the LANSA Web monitors?

A. To restart the monitors, you may use the LANSA Web Administrator.
Choose the Tools menu and select the Configure System command.
Under the Transaction Monitor tab, you will see a check box to Reset the Transaction Monitor.

If you prefer to restart from the IBM i command line, then you will:

1.  Terminate the Transaction monitor using program W3@P2200.

2.  Restart the Transaction monitor using this command:

SBMJOB CMD(CALL PGM(W3@P2000) PARM(<pgmlib> <datalib> *DEFAULT 99999)) JOB(LWEB_MON) JOBQ(<jobq name>)