Post-Upgrade Actions - Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool Systems

This only applies to IBM i systems that have IASP implemented and LANSA was installed in one of the IASPs.

If you are moving from V13SP2 to V15

The Install/Upgrade creates a library (xxxMGRLIB) to store the non-IASP objects MOD_VLWEB data area and MOD_VLWEB service program.

The library name is stored in the data area DCXLOADA01 in the program library. The library name is the position 987(10).

When LANSA was previously installed the following objects were moved to QGPL or non IASP library manually. The objects are:

If the above objects were moved to QGPL then move them to this new library(xxxMGRLIB), change the user profile and job description to have this new library name


if these objects were moved to a non-QGPL library you can either keep this library and move MOD_VLWEB data area and MOD_VLWEB service program to the same library. Note this library's name and update the data area DCXLOADA01 with the library name using the following command:

CHGDTAARA DTAARA(<xxxPGMLIB>/DCXLOADA01 (987 10)) VALUE(<new lib name>)

Edit the HTTP configuration file using the command EDTF:

Change the following from this:
LoadModule vlweb_module /<IASP>/QSYS.LIB/<xxxCOMLIB>.lib/MOD_VLWEB.SRVPGM

to this:
LoadModule vlweb_module /QSYS.LIB/<this Library.lib>/MOD_VLWEB.SRVPGM
where <this Library.lib> is the library where MOD_VLWEB objects are stored.