2.3.3 Web on Windows Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions about installing and configuring Web on Windows:

How much security do I need?  

The level of security required is determined by the type of Web site you are creating. Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications require and offer different levels of security.

Security can be defined at the network, Web Server, Data/Application Server and LANSA levels. For example, you can use firewalls on the network along with user profile and object level security on the IBM i. LANSA provides an additional three levels of security. For more details, refer to Configure LANSA Web Security in the LANSA for i Administration Guide.

During the initial installation and configuration of the Web, you may wish to begin with very basic security requirements. The anonymous user access to the Web is recommended when you first install and test LANSA with the web. Once your system is operating properly, you can enhance the security features used.

A Multi-tier Web installation can also increase your site security so that your Data/Application Server is not directly connected to the Internet.

LANSA Web supports the use of Secure Socket Layers.

Where can I find more information about different Web Server installation and configuration options?

Initially refer to the Install Planner on the LANSA web site for the development models you could use.

You can also check the LANSA Web site for the latest product updates and updated information about Web Server configurations.

Your local LANSA Agent will give you details about supported platforms or you can refer to one of the LANSA Supported Versions lists.

Should I install LANSA Integrator if I am doing Web Development?

LANSA Integrator supports a variety of XML features and services. If your Web application involves the exchange of XML documents, you should review the LANSA Integrator features.

For more details, contact your local LANSA agent or visit the LANSA Web site.