Step 4. Create a Real By Location Filter

In this step you create a real By Location filter.

1.   In the Framework start the Program Coding Assistant.

2.   Drill down through the tree to find your By Location filter and select it.

3.   Select the type Filter and Instance List.

4.   Specify XEMPLOYEE as the physical file.

5.   Press the Next button.


6.   Click the Next button to move the Program Coding Assistant forward to the next prompt. This prompt is asking you to select the file or view that the filter should use for searching. 


7.   A screen with additional options is displayed. Do not select any. Click the Generate Code button. The right hand side of the Program Coding Assistant now shows the code that it has generated for your filter.

8.  In the Generated Code window specify iiiCOM02 as the name of your new filter and give it a description. Then click the Create button to create your filter.

   Do not select the Snap In option. (When you select the Snap In option, the filter is compiled and snapped in automatically, but now you will do this manually.)

9.  Your filter is displayed in the Visual LANSA editor.