EPC141081 – Available December 2017

This section outlines new features in the EPC141081 version of the Framework.

Support for Small and Medium Screen Devices

VLF-ONE applications can now be executed on small mobile devices. See Evolving VLF-ONE Support for Small, Medium and Large Screen Devices.

Font Awesome Icons Available

See Font Awesome Icons for VLF-ONE Application Icons.

Printing Barcodes

The print widget now supports the printing of barcodes

See Printing Barcodes.

Menu Options Moved

See The Menu Option to Move A Filter Has Been Moved and Send to Ms-Excel Option Moved.

ExecuteDefaultCmd Parameter Functional in VLF-ONE

The ExecuteDefaultCmd parameter of the #avListManager.AddToList method is now functional in VLF-ONE.

See ExecuteDefaultCmd Parameter Now Functional in VLF-ONE.


Manage Scripts in VLF-ONE Execute Dialog

There is a New Option to Delete Scripts in the Execute Framework as VLF-ONE Application dialog.

Warning Revised

See Ramp-Tools Screen Size Warning Revised.

Instance List Columns Can Be Shown/Hidden Based on Screen Size

See Show/Hide Instance List Columns Based on Screen Size.

Test on Different Screen Sizes

You can Test Your Application on Different Screen Sizes.


Show or Hide Instance List Column Selection Menu

See Enable/Disable Column Selection.

You Can Version Your Frameworks in VLF-ONE

The option Your Framework Version Number is now available for VLF-ONE applications.

Business Object Subtypes Now Display All Tabs

Business object subtype handling in VLF-ONE has been changed to show all tabs.

Previously disabled SubTypes tabs where not visible, which could cause layout issues.   


VLF-ONE New Default Text Color Is Black

See VLF-ONE Default Text Color Changed.


Specify Session Timeout and Display Restart Button in the VLF-ONE Entry Point Page

See More Functionality in VLF-ONE Entry Point Web Pages.

Easier Navigation in the Workbench

See New Back and Forward Options.