EPC142011 – Available September 2018

This section outlines new features in the EPC142011 version of the Framework:

Image Columns in VLF-ONE

You can now easily add image columns to the instance list in VLF-ONE.

See Instance Lists Can Have Image Columns in VLF-ONE

Dynamic Control of Instance List Column Visibility

See Instance List Column Visibility Can Be Set at Run Time

Custom Themes for VLF-ONE Applications

You can now use a custom theme in a VLF-ONE application.

See VLF-ONE Application Can Now Use a Custom Theme.

Changes to Hidden Commands in VLF-ONE

See Hidden Command Changes in VLF-ONE.

Stopwatch Times in VLF-ONE Traces

See VLF-ONE Traces Now Include a Stopwatch Time.

Automatically Create a Single Command Handler Business Object

A new Common Activities option rearranges a business object so that it has no instance list or filters - just a single command handler which is displayed as soon as the business object is displayed.

See Make this a One Command, No Instance List Business Object.

Zoom Slider in Material Desktop Mode

See Zoom Slider Now Available in Material Design Desktop Mode.

Control What the User Can Do

You can use the User Capability Control Options to limit the options available to users.

Enhanced Snap-in Prompters

See Second Level Ancestor Prompting.


Document Storage Examples

Examples of document storage command handlers have been added to the shipped demonstration Framework. See Attachment/Document Storage in the Shipped Demo.


Customizable Filter Borders

VLF-ONE Filter Borders Can Be Customized using the theme item (VF_SY170O).


Improved Column Selection Menu in Instance Lists

See  Instance List Column Selection Improvements.

Event Recording

This EPC includes some basic components of an Event Recording system.

New Common Activities

You can now use Common Activities to:




New in RAMP
VLF-ONE 5250 Form Wrappers

5250 form wrappers are Visual LANSA reusable parts which are displayed in place of a 5250 aXes form in a RAMP session.

See VLF-ONE 5250 Form Wrappers.

ACE Script Editor Available in RAMP-TS

The RAMP script editor now allows you to optionally use the ACE script editor.

See Extended RAMP Script Editor.

More Information about 5250 Screens in RAMP Developer Panel

You can find out the id, name, location and value of fields on the current 5250 form. See Screen Probe Options on VLF-ONE RAMP Developer Panel.

New Script Function to Associate Menu Option Name and Number

See Automatically Associate Menu Option Name and Number in RAMP.

Minimum and Maximum Height and Width in Flow Layouts

You can now set the minimum and maximum height and width within which the flow layout style should operate.

See RAMP Flow Layout Ranges.


No Destination Buttons Visible in Hidden Screens

See RAMP Hidden Screen Change in VLF-ONE.

Shareable Sessions No Longer Available in VLF-ONE

The shareable VLF-ONE session feature introduced to RAMP in EPC141081 has been removed.