EPC142057 – Available July 2019

This section outlines new features in the EPC142057 version of the Framework:

Log On Using Microsoft, Google or Facebook

You can enable the user to Log on to VLF-ONE Applications via Microsoft, Google or Facebook.


Use Google Translate in the Workbench

The VLF Workbench Can Now Use Google Translate to dynamically translate Framework text strings.

The Closing of a Form Can Be Delayed

See #Com_Owner.avCloseForm Has New Optional Delay() Parameter


Quickly Create a 'Contact Us' Dialog

There is a New Common Activity to Create a ‘Contact Us’ Toolbar Option.

Instance List Column Caption Set at Run Time

See Instance List Column Caption Can Be Set Programmatically.

Enhanced Sample Assistance Panel

See Common Activity Option for Assistance Panels Has Been Upgraded.

GUID and UserObjectType in User Authority Model

See Replaceable VLF-ONE User Authority Model Extended.


Deployment Checker

You can use the Snap in Deployment Checker to produce a list of the components used by your Framework.

Create Your Own Instance List Toolbar

You can solve UI space issues by using a Customizable VLF-ONE Instance List Toolbar.

Note that there is a Common Activity to Create a Custom Instance List Toolbar.

Keep Command Handler Maximized When Switching

In VLF-WIN applications the maximization of a command handler can be preserved using the avSwitch KeepMaximize Option.

Multilingual Captions in Instance List Columns

Instance list columns now get multilingual captions from the field they are based on.

See Instance List Column Multilingual Defaults.

Contract/Expand Filters

A new option to contract and expand filters is now available.

See New avAllowExpandContract Option for Filters.


New in RAMP

Variable Shows Last Function Key Used

See RAMP-TS2 Variable GLOBAL_LastFunctionKeyUsed.

Better VLF-ONE RAMP Prompter

The Enhanced VLF-ONE RAMP Field Prompter is easy to size and move.