EPC142067 – Available November 2019

This section outlines new features in the EPC142067 version of the Framework:

VLF-ONE Support For Browser Backward and Forward Keys

VLF-ONE applications can now support the back and forward keys of a browser.

See VLF-ONE Supports Browser Back/Forward Keys.

Single Sign-On in VLF-ONE Applications

You can now enable Single Sign-On (SSO – Kerberos) for VLF-ONE applications.

See Log into Your VLF-ONE Applications Via Kerberos (Single Sign-On).

VLF-ONE Navigation Panel Can Be Hidden

The VLF-ONE navigation menu can be imbedded in a slider panel so that it can be pinned and unpinned.

See VLF-ONE Navigation Menu May Be Imbedded Into Slider Panes.