RAMP-WIN001: Creating a Basic Prototype of the Modernized Application

Creating a prototype of the modernized application is the first step in using RAMP. In this way a vision of how the completed result will look, act and feel can be formed and executed before any actual modernization steps are taken.

This process lets you rapidly validate your design and uncover any new or hidden business requirements.



To achieve this objective, you will complete the following steps:

RAMP-WIN001 Step 1. Create the Application Prototype

RAMP-WIN001 Step 2: Modify the Code Tables Prototype

RAMP-WIN001 Step 3: Examine the Employees Prototype

RAMP-WIN001 Step 4: Prototype End-User's Access to Employee Information

RAMP-WIN001 Step 5. Visualize the Filters

RAMP-WIN001 Step 6. Validate the Basic Prototype