RAMP-WIN002: Rapidly Modernizing Complete Application Segments

You do not have to use RAMP on every single 5250 screen in your application. Often whole application segments are rarely used, and typically these can be snapped into a Framework in a very short time

Understanding when and how to use this approach will impact how long it takes you to complete your RAMP project.  



To achieve this objective, you will complete the following steps:

RAMP-WIN002 Step 1: Name the Screens

RAMP-WIN002 Step 3: Classify the Screens and Track Navigation

RAMP-WIN002 Step 4: Remove Cancel and Exit buttons

RAMP-WIN002 Step 5: Snap the Application into the Framework


Before You Begin

You need to have your RAMP system set up, for more information see Installation and Configuration.

In order to complete this tutorial, you must have completed the following: