The HTMLAPI Scripting Object

This object is not supported in VLF-ONE applications.

The HTMLAPI scripting object can be used to dynamically modify the visual content of 5250 screens.

When RAMP-TS displays a 5250 screen, it is actually rendering a HTML document. The HTML document that represents the 5250 screen is like any other HTML document. Since it is HTML based it provides a DOM (Document Object Model) that you can access and modify from your RAMP scripts.

The HTMLAPI scripting object provides a small set of methods that allow you to access the HTML DOM of the currently displayed 5250 screen.

By using the HTML DOM you may choose to modify the appearance and behaviour of displayed 5250 screen.



What do you need to know to use the HTMLAPI Scripting Object?

You need to have solid JavaScript and HTML DOM skills.

What are some of the risks involved in using the HTMLAPI Scripting Object or accessing 5250 Screen's HTML DOM?

Some of the risks you take in using the HTMLAPI Scripting Object or accessing the 5250 screen's HTML DOM include: 

If you are prepared to accept, test for and manage these risks, then the HTMLAPI allows for dynamic and efficient changes to be made to the content and behaviour of 5250 RAMP-TS screens.


HTMLAPI Usage Examples