RAMP-WIN008 Step 1. Create Two Variants of Display Employee Screen

In this step you will display the DisplayEmployee screen in update mode.

In RAMP-WIN004 Step 1. Name the Screens you named the txtSurname field on the DisplayEmployee screen. Now you will use it to to create a screen variant to distinguish between the screen in display and update modes.

1.   In RAMP Tools navigate to the Browse/Maintain Employee and Skills Files screen. (Use command lansa run pslsys partition(dem), choose option 3, and use A1234 as the employee number.)

2.  Press F21 or use the Change button to put the screen in update mode.

3.  In the Screens tab tick the box in front of the txtSurname field to create a screen variant.

4.  Name the variant Update.

5.  Click Save.

6.  Press Enter to return to the FindEmployee screen.

7.  Type in A1234 to redisplay the Browse/Maintain Employee and Skills Files screen. If the field has a prefilled value, delete it first.

8.  Name this variant Display.



Variants are discussed in more detail in the tutorial RAMP-WIN014: Understanding and Handling Screen Variations.