RAMP-WIN008 Step 3. Redisplay DisplayEmployee After Save

In this step you will change the script for the FindEmployee screen to navigate back to the Browse/Maintain Employee and Skill Files screen after the details of an employee have been saved.

1.   Locate the vHandle_ARRIVE function in the script for FindEmployee.

2.   Under the declaration var bReturn = true; create a new object:

     var oEmp = new Object();


3.   Below the statement  /* <ARRIVE /> - Do not remove or alter this line */ add code to check if the previous screen is DisplayEmployee:

if (oPreviousForm.vName == "DisplayEmployee")


4.   In the if statement signal to the Framework that that the filter needs to update the instance list with the new employee:

        oEmp.empno = GETVALUE("txtEmpno");
        AVSIGNALEVENT("Update_List_Entry","BUSINESSOBJECT", oEmp.empno);


5.   And add this code to navigate back to the DisplayEmployee screen:



Your code will now look like this:



6.   Commit changes and then do a partial save.

7.   Execute the Framework as a VLF-WIN application, and update the details of an employee. Notice that the DisplayEmployee screen is now redisplayed and the instance list reflects the changes to the employee details: